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Eric supports the data-driven Human Capital Management efforts in a Federal context. That includes policy changes, cultural change management, and predictive modeling. At an Agency level he has run a position-classification unit, exercised sole authority to grant exceptinos to key policy, served on the Institutional Review Board, served as team lead and data lead in project restructuring 20+ field divisions, and served as the Agency's sole voting representative in a Department-level working group that set national policy, and represented the Agency before a Senate-reporting committee.

Meanwhile, Eric continues his studies of perceptual and behavioral development. His research has ranged from observational study of primate behavior to studies of infant cognitive development, and from the role of infant behavior in parent-infant interaction to mathematical modeling and computer simulation of altruism. While most of his current work is on the history and theory of psychology, he continues empirical work on a variety of subjects. He is also currently serving as the Treasurer-Secretary for The Society for the History of Psychoolgy.

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