Federal Work

You work for the government?

Yes, for the past several years I have worked for the federal government, first for the United States Marine Corp, and now for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). I still teach courses occassionally as an adjunct professor, and publish, but for work I am helping to imporve the United States government. It is very fulfilling work!

What are you doing more specifically?

I support Human Resources work in the federal sector, by fusing data-driven decision making and change management. I lead and support a wide variety of projects that have significant Agency-wide impacts. The common theme for the projects is the need to collect and analyze data, and then use the findings to build consensus for significant change initiatives. These projects vary from changes to internal recruitment policy to workforce redesigns of field offices that span the nation. In addition to my 25 years of reasearch experience, a significant asset I bring to all of these projects is the ability to view impact from multiple perspectives, including human capital, legal, and fiscal perspectives.

When I first came to the DEA, I was focused on testing policy for Diversion Investigator applicants. I now lead the Workforce Planning team within the Workforce Planning & Analytics section. Past work in the federal sector included being responsible for testing policy for Marine Corps accession, inculding setting ASVAB cutoffs for different MOSs, leading pilot efforts for additional accession tests, and representing the Marine Corps at meetings of the The Defense Advisory Committee on Military Personnel Testing (DAC MPT). In both jobs I have led projects that were Agency priorities, and provided briefs to the top levels of the agency.